Pro Hack: Resistor Book

If you are a regular circuit designer/maker always have a resistor book/bank with most of the different values out there for the most common packages which you use in your design.

It will help in those times when you missed ordering a resistor in your BOM or as a replacement part. It’s a massive time saver.

These books are slightly expensive but I buy them for their compactness, ease of finding and usually replace them with individual parts left over from projects. Worthwhile over a long time.

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How to Solder SMD parts properly?

The SMD Hand Soldering Technique that always works for me.

Step 1: Add lots of flux (Liquid or Solid). (Folks usually skimp on this. This is the most important step to get a good soldering joint)

Step 2: Add a solder blob to one of the pads initially.

Step 3: Heat the pad with your soldering iron and with the tweezer slide in the part in the melted solder to hold it in place.

Step 4: Solder the other pad with your iron (which should be easy as it won’t move. Add flux if needed)

Step 5: Clean the flux with Isopropyl Alcohol.

PS: Not my best soldering effort is shown in the video below (Trying to get a good mobile camera angle shot and soldering is hard) 😀

But I wanted to show this on a 0402 part to show that this base technique is applicable to any part of any size. (It’s much much easier on larger parts)

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