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I am Amaldev V. Engineering Geek by profession and passion. I was the Co-founder and Engineering Lead of ACPAD Instrument, a music-tech hardware startup based out of Berlin and Mumbai. (You can check out our cool Product ACPAD here). Since exiting the company, I am currently leading a health tech research group at IIT Bombay that aims to develop affordable point-of-use diagnostics solutions for deployment in primary and secondary-care contexts. Led the development of GynaeCam (Affordable Cervical Cancer Imaging Device for low resource settings) and multiple projects in healthcare and software domains. I am also a hands-on technical mentor/co-founder of an early-stage deep-tech medical imaging startup called Epocare. I am also a technology consultant to quite a few companies over the years. I am also an invited guest speaker to a few technical and entrepreneurship events around the country.

Born and brought up in a small city called Thiruvananthapuram in God’s Own Country Kerala India. Currently based out of Mumbai – the bustling City of Dreams.

I am a guy who is madly in love with technology. Did my Masters in Image/Signal Processing at IIT Bombay and my bachelor’s in Electronics Engineering from GECB. Been an active tech enthusiast and hardware tinkerer right from college. I love hardware prototyping and you usually would find me multi-tasking several real-life projects at once.

Over the past few years, I have successfully completed over 35+ projects as a technology consultant, collaborating with clients worldwide in diverse sectors such as Healthcare, IoT, Defense, Industrial Automation, Manufacturing, AgriTech, Consumer Tech, Clean Tech, Marketing, Fashion and AI/ML. My expertise extends to managing and executing technology-specific hardware and software projects for clients globally. My project portfolio encompasses a wide spectrum, including end-to-end product development, Design for Manufacturing (DFM), Idea to Prototype execution, Scaling production efforts, Design Review processes, Cost/Bill of Materials (BOM) optimization, development of Software platforms, Internal Team Augmentation, team scaling initiatives, and providing comprehensive support in Sourcing and Manufacturing.

In short, I solve problems for my clients come what may, and I love doing that for a living. If you have a technical or consultancy project in mind or wish to discuss any topic under the sun, I welcome you to reach out. Due to a surge in requests, I now have a minimum engagement fee for my consultancy projects. This allows me to dedicate my utmost attention and effort to serious clients who are committed to achieving optimal results. Feel free to email me at amaldev.000@gmail.com.

I provide pro-bono assistance to pre-revenue/pre-funded startups, as long as it doesn’t overly consume my time. I know first-hand how it is to get something off the ground. Feel free to reach out if you need support. ?

I usually try to post something useful for engineering and technology folks at least once a week on my social media channels. (You can search the archives for older posts) You can connect with me on any of my following social media channels to stay updated and engaged.

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