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Name is Amaldev V. Engineering Geek by profession and passion. Co-founder and Engineering Lead of ACPAD Instruments. You can check out our cool Product ACPAD here, here and try out online. (Our Kickass Kickstarter Campaign here). Since exiting the company, I have been leading a healthcare research group at IIT Bombay primarily focussing on affordable, point of care diagnostic products for the bottom of the pyramid population in India. Currently my interests lie in the domains of IoT, healthcare and renewable energy sectors.


I am a guy who is madly in love with electronics. Born and brought up in Trivandrum, Kerala aka God's Own Country. Did my Masters in Communication and Signal Processing at IIT Bombay and my bachelors in Electronics Engineering from GECB. Been an active tech enthusiast and hardware tinkerer right from college. I love hardware prototyping and you usually would find me multi-tasking several real life projects at once (Seven at a time was my limit, which learned the hard way in college 😉 ). You can check out my major project portfolio here.

What do I do in free time?

Whatever free time I can manage, I usually spend on learning about new tech, taking hardware things apart, analyzing how stuff works and browsing the web. I like reading(especially biographies of people). I am an OK amateur photographer too, I suppose. I kinda have an obsession to figure out how things work in real world.

Well that's it from me. I also take up consultancy projects for clients. If you want to contact me regarding some technical project you want my help with or for providing suggestions regarding the blog or to discuss anything under the sun feel free to email me at amaldev.000@gmail.com(Or fill in the form below) or you can connect with me via any of the following sites. .

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