Open Source COVID Project: reBreather

Our team at IIT Bombay alongwith folks from Nex Robotics, came together to tackle the issue of O2 shortages across the country by attempting solutions that focus on reducing O2 wastage, from the patient consumption perspective.

We have built a prototype breathing device(reBreather), which is a semi-closed circular breathing system that allows patients to breathe in unused exhaled oxygen (minimizing wastage of O2) which has been filtered to remove CO2. We are open sourcing the entire design. We urge individuals and Maker communities across the world to come forward to help assemble copies and contribute to design improvements to make it better.

This design has currently been tested on healthy volunteers with good results. Our objective was to document the science behind the technique and test that it works in real life. Our initial theoretical estimates suggest it should prolong the usage of a cylinder to 4-10x the current usage times based on patient type.

More details at our Git repo So proud of the entire team that had risked everything to put this together in such a short time.

Kindly request you to share this in your network as we need more people contributing to the design.

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